Let Me Know

what I can do

to not be myself

to please you.

Let me know

what I can wear

that makes me feel

so uncomfortable


to tease you.

Let me dress up pretty

so you won’t notice.

Let me appear

way too stylish

and make the other

ladies jealous.



There are trials and tribulations being a woman in a Madison Avenue crazed society.  It’s hard enough to not notice the fashion of other women around you and feel out of place.

We aren’t lemming, yet we are.  I don’t want to look exactly like another woman in a social setting.  I just want to feel confident in the skin covering that I’m in.

I don’t know if men go through the same angst. I suspect they do to a more or lesser extent.  Of course, there are many “kiss my a_ _ ”  women similar to the “get out of my face”  men, but I can’t help but feel the pressure and fight against it.  I want feathers or stripes.

I want fur and spots.  I would even settle for a color-changing shredding skin.  If I get a choice, I prefer green.



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