Morrie Shwartz

I like the little books,

thin and obsolete,

Scarcely read by

Intellects, their disdain

observably indiscreet.

Yet, I continue to seek

the little books tucked

amidst the tomes;

volumes of heavy lengthy

prattle – essays, mysteries,

dramas, thesis, poems.

All fine of course –

well-accepted decorum;

if they are bound quite

nicely –

in little book form.


These words are a confession.  I have had my time of reading lengthy heavy literature – fiction and non, but my preference is the small to medium size publication. I like to get to the point and enjoy the author’s craft before I lose interest, concentration, patience, etc.

I am slightly joking, of course.  It is the reading of whatever that is paramount.

I envy the speed reader, especially the one with a photographic memory.  However, that is not me. Reading is for everyone, where ever they are in their exuberance.  “My fault is I tarry with too many smiles.” (Twittiemay)  I am publishing “Morrie” because I have empathy for “readers” of all shapes and sizes.  If it’s not little, then only read a small part.  If it is too little, read it twice.

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