Mother’s Day

Arguments today on squatters’ rights.

Prolific Spiders and Dust Mites

                         held forum.

Dare not summon Advice, or pester

like air to a flame,


Who being a little unimportant

and not acutely wise – swooped them all up,

having the advantage of extra – ordinary


And where were you, little witness?

Where was I?

Singing softly to you a sweet


May 1995


Disappointment. “A sadness caused by the nonfulfillment of one’s hopes or expectations.”

I guess that could make Disappointment a daily occurrence for some.

Nothing can remain in Ecstasy too long.  The laws of the Universe

prohibit it!! That’s why they call some music, Rock and Roll, the sea,

Smooth or Rough, the heart, Open or Broken.













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