The Moon’s Paladin

Everyone knows that “you can’t tell a book by its cover”, and has heard the expressions “distance makes the heart grow fonder” and its corollary, “familiarity breeds contempt”; But does anyone understand why, or what causes us to fall into the “misconception trap”?

Nevertheless, spending a life time with the Jekyll and Hyde under my skin, I am warned to look carefully and deeply before casting judgment on another.  Before entrusting my soul, study the facets and surprises of familiarity.

The Moon’s Paladin

Saturn kissed the Moon last night. 
I watched him through the window.
He snuck up close and held her tight.
What a daring fellow! 

Saturn traveled far last night.
He is a far and distant traveler.
I wondered as he held her tight, 
“Does he really love her?”

“Saturn, May I speak to you. 
You many ringed romancer.
I question as you set to woo 
your wondrous pale moon lover.”

Saturn turns and looks at me
his enormous green eyes smiling.
“Oh Earthling, I can’t help but laugh 
at your presumptuous implying.

It is true I am a roguish sort, 
quite alone and drifting; and 
the Moon she tells a luring
story with her lovely singing. 

But I am not the one of whom 
she sings, although I envy his 
attractive splendor. She is 
instead one of my flock, for 
I am the Moon’s proud tender.”

December, 1972

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