Evening Nigh


The mail rarely

comes anymore

The phone seldom rings. 


We wait for the

email, and the news

that it brings.

Us Folks seem

virtual –

suspiciously unreal…

a mirage,

a blurred reality.

Our eyes only vaguely see

what the mind reveals.

Its secrets.

 Its malleability.  

January, 2018 to January 31, 2021

For me, this time has become a political, psychological, and possibly medical manipulation.  I am on one side struggling to understand the other, trying to not label it as “opponent”.  It is one thing to be competative in sports or politics.  It is another to exploit people mentally.  Knowledge of this potential control makes me feel vulnerable, untrustful of my own mental reasoning.  It reminds me of something I learned recently about certain animals that were learning how to read and communicate with humans. It has been found that, yes, they are capable of being “civilized”, but they also display the ability to lie and deceive.  How alike we can be.  


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