Unicycles, Nine Bots, Lexus, Mercedes, 

Covered Wagons, Roller-Skates,

Go Carts, Wings.

Hyperspace –

Lazer Beam.

No looking back, flimflam, hoodwink.

No bother; no matter –

was a day I can’t remember –

stands out like no other.

We were reminded –

“No Touch Policy”,

then waited for surety –

moments before dawn.

Too early for ritual,

we started to believe in God – 

We started to believe in God

just before we died.


Chafed times 2020, now 2021.  

My focus, the matters I can’t control. The souls, what my heart feels responsible for; yet, resists their whim…dismally so, I might add.  Their wants long ago surpassed mine.  The independence I crave for them produces a vacancy, a sweet sour chasm of gratitude and longing.  




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