Screen Shot 2020-05-05 at 1.46.48 PMRan out with Cuco, Jesus,

Poker,  Dice,

Strip 21.

Abandon –

naive and immune.

An annoying. Saccharine,

Jesus,  sporting

a conscience;

Cunningly prim.

And Cuco?

Where did he come from?

A random acquaintance,

a friend of a friend who

escaped on the town.

Demoiselle with Devils

gambling high stakes

clothing –

out for a run.



What will they call this age?  We are not the “Roaring 20’s”  We are hardly the “Era of Love”…  Definitely not “The Renisaunce” … Very possibly the “Dark Ages” revisited.

I remember a mischievous time.  It might have been more carefree, or it was a time” in my own mind”. (“Ari and the Alibis”)  As pleasant as it seemed, I managed to traverse the slopes of contentment and ambition to find myself here, not altogether unhappy – just not as mischievous.


mischevious sally

















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