Are your fingers crossed behind your back?

Are your eyes

unaccustomed to hot wet heat?

Do you spare their rationed sight

upstaged  by the garden’s

                                                          “sonidos de verde”

                                                     “Las lagrimas del mundo”?

Do you pick and choose

then leave behind

    those chanting their fate?

“Las vidas solas”

                                                            “En las linas de lados”

                                                                      We wait!



This is a time of self-containment, disbelief, protest, tipping the balance of whom to trust.

I cringe at the suffering and sadness.  I am warned to stay inside yet urged to go out and help.  I am repeatedly reminded of my susceptibility while tirelessly building the strength that yearns to challenge the purveyance of scientific persuasion.

I personally choose science, but I have knowledge of the stubbornness of mankind.  I also have experience with faith, and truly believe this should not be a war between the two.



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