You and me could write a bad romance. (Lady Gaga)

What’s a final

gasp to

a wounded mind

deciding to test

sacred ground?

What small thread

from weave

unravels the seam,


a jealous love.


the flight – 

the flight of a dove.

Vampire lust

over fleeting Prey.

Prey – fleeing,


cast adrift.

Overcome –

the blood, 



Warm, red




A female bird leaves her young unattended to find food.  While away she must bargain with potential predators to protect her defenseless offspring.  Her breath of fear is the same breath of conquest.  It is the cry of the pounce.  It is the gasp of the flight.

Who is Victor?  Is it the Escapee who can now decide to forgive?  Or is it the Champion who contemplates the breadth of the spoils of their domination?

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