Yes, I could

silence sweet nothings

with Buddha Love –

Wonder if

I deserve this.

Walk through


then visit Eden.

You ain’t seen

nada thing.

In the background

of your drama,

something else

is happening.


Separating from the hypnotic shoulds and should nots of our society and societies of the past is not an easy task.  A path of individuality is laden with “with snarls and gnarls squeezing you flat”  (Twittiemay) The possibility of walking through Hell and then visiting Eden is actually a day to day occurrence.  Ghosts from your past advise you to”stick to the status quo.  Don’t veer from the path of the pack.  Don’t stop to sniff a different course”.  I advise rebellion even though I am a complete coward.  I fight the dragons of conforming in my own timid stray from the crowd sort of way.



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