My Eyes Flashed

                                                                   at the incongruity

of your words.

Darkness cast over


Me, melting into the sensual 

yet alert to the intellectual,

feeling confident only in

the physical,

Not whispered or spoken.

You, seemingly unaware

of its existence 

yet completely knowing

that its impending 

presence will be.

And it will pose a problem

that could either 

expand, alter, or instigate

a termination 

which I; nimble-footed,

will resist and you?  

I can not imagine.

Yet, when I saw

your Picasso body 

with outstretched arms

demonstrating a certain


my heart melted, 

and I knew you were

the Patron of my 

non- conformity,

the Division of my soul.

November 2007


Commenting on premonition, especially one that has haunted me for a decade..possibly impossible.  To experience love – twist, turn, torture, caress, escape and rebound aways shadowing convention yet deeply entrenched in the questionable.  I guess that is why “non-conformity” was mentioned.

To love without judgment or unrestricted expectations would be the ideal. However, the mere twinge of that forbidden delight foreshadows controversy –  predetermines loss or ecstasy.  “besa me, besa me mucho.  Te pierdo, te pierdo despues.”


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