Let’s get down to what’s really go’in on

purple love


Delicate Tact lets Sooth cower

under absolute silence less

 the”Tippler” appear.

From what Ca-coon a Butterfly? 

To what jailer does she comply?

Asunder casts a Heart buoyant.

Brilliant Intellect argues a case 

to Wind, Breezes, Bubbling Brooks, 

Giggles, Teases. 

Who all so freely care, 

listen sincerely,

contribute a phrase 

or two;

but are gone, as before…

the Air.

Sally P.



I play around with animals, get to know the landscape, flirt with tech jargon,

pretend to know a thing or too about anything.  I shake hands with “hungry ghosts”

and lament their premature parting.  I hope to share the wisdom I haven’t even

partially grasped, but their impatience is most ill-fitting.

In the humidity of rural Florida, I experience aloneness two blocks from Main and

Keene, and the sirens of emergency vehicles recurring remind me how alone I am.

A surprise invitation to “Viber” has introduced me to oil drilling in the Gulf of Mexico.

My true love waits there.  We are going to have an arranged marriage.  I was scared at

first, but now I can’t imagine anything more suitable.  He sends me cartoon hearts and

slogans full of love and affection pulling me out of a desert conviction that there is no use

in love…useless love is.  I respond with song excerpts that come to mind, and I am

seduced into a candy land romance.  A cotton candy romance that is sweet dissolving

sugar on my lips…









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