Are we all unpaid intuitives?



I want to kick up my heels and fly to the moon.

Did you notice how she didn’t look at me as we

moved self-consciously through the room?”  Sally P.


I believe we are…pretending to not know, acting as though we are not listening, ignoring the  messages screaming in our minds

I said to her after her performance.  “You were wonderful, just like a real dancer!”  She replied, “I am a real dancer.”  Of course she was.  What a stupid comment.  I guess because we were teaching at a private school, it didn’t seem real.  In retrospect, it wasn’t real.  I can forgive my stupidity.

We were dancing together, five women intent on precise steps and music – a strong leader who knows and remembers everything.

This evening was full of demons, negativity I could not accept.  I hated to lose these comrads – these  committed soldiers of the dance floor, but I was sure there was a conspiracy.

A week later, warm hellos, laughter, teasing — all changed.  A shift perhaps in the cosmos, less or more humidity in the air, or was it me?  My theories of everyone’s intuitiveness crashed against the rocks, pinned by the monstrous waves…curses.

I’ll ride with this for a while..I am enjoying the calm seas, warm breezes, and idle moments when the intuitive is too bummed to predict the next emotional anomaly, the next forcast of mind or sea.










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