I think I’ll be

an Authority – – -a wise advisor.

                                With respect, they’ll approach me.

                                Folks will hang on my every word,

                                 and shudder in anticipation…

                                                                       ….of my disapproval.

                                I’ll have the last word on everything, and every      

                                         success will be mine,

                                                      I’ll never weep……..just raise a brow

,                                at the misfortunate, lesser crowd.

                                         Not for me to hear or see –

                                         I, am an Authority!

                                                                   February 02, 2017

How triumphant to reach such a status!  What confidence must come from this kind of power;  and yet, in my mind, I can not imagine anything more lonely or isolating.  Unless, of course, the Authority is also an authority on reality.

Confucius say. “to rule is truly to serve”, and Bob Dylan insists that “Ya gotta serve somebody”  Authority eventually answers to somebody or something.  Except perhaps the eagle pictured above…he is invincible!!








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