Let’s go somewhere where it doesn’t matter

Trees are the Dictators, decision makers.

Wind is the Judge, Clouds, the Prosecutor.

Shades of Green and Brown, the Defendant.

Furry Friends, the Witnesses for the

Prosecution, or possibly the Defense –

No, it must be the Prosecution – –

……..damn, we can’t remember.

We are hungry, and the squeaky toy

is under the sofa…….damn.

July 20, 2016

I have taken care of a dog named A.J.  I have learned from being around him the sweet innocent nature of dogs that are raised with love.  He loves to cuddle, or at least he lets me think that he does.  He repeats the same play behavior repeatedly, always fooled by the same teasing as if it were the first time.  There is no pretending to take his toy or steal his food.  He knows these are serious threats, and he is ready for defense.

Part of me thinks that when no one is watching; he drifts away almost in a coma, but when attention appears, he is immediately animated and ready for action.  He is an eternal two year old, sweet and naive; yet he is also a ferocious wild animal that could rip your throat out in one bite.  Like the poem, he can be intelligent enough to participate in court proceedings, yet so childlike as to lose concentration when his beloved toy has slipped under the sofa.







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