Nature reveals

hurried frenzy

flashes scurry

only hours born –

yellow  assent

minutes spent

destiny unknown.

New birth, new worth..a constant re-evaluation.  The mother watches her babies scurry off to destinies unknown.  There is nothing she can do.  Their destiny is written on their DNA.  Whether it is at the top of the hill or deep down the stream, it is there.

Unfortunately, humans are not so protected.  Or are we?  Many would argue that there is nothing we can do to prevent the course of one’s destiny.  All the groups, classes, therapy, etc. can not prevent one’s demise or celebrated success..

Personally,  I argue that there is plenty to do.  We do what we can to mold, persuade, prevent, etc.  The truth is: efforts are not in is doing nothing when knowing that there is something……that is the non-action to blame.












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