Meanderings of the wind

Pinions span –

Speed the Falcon


“Pipes of Pan”

chirp the Warbler

to the singing Wren.

Sharp trilling Willit

in flutter

surveys the land.

“Ha Ha” echos

Laughing Gull                           laughing-gulls-2071489_640    

to his feathered



I am not an authority on birds, but I don’t think they always all flock together.  However, I think most humans do; or at least that is the appearancy.  I would love to be stuck to my small family (all four), but we have been blown to the three corners of the U. S.  Nonetheless, we stay together, in a very psychic blood- is- thicker sort of a way.  Regretting the explosion that cast us separate is useless.  There is no winning a war against Demons.

However, there is the Flight.  The teaming of like purpose creatures bettering the skies with uniform geometric beauty as the masses  (even the Demons) watch from below with craned necks… in awe.

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